About me

„I’m a teacher of what I already can, and a student of what I don’t know yet.”

B.K.S. Iyengar


Management boards advisor, specialist in “resilience training”. Business psychologist, certified coach with international experience in the fields of communication, strategy, coaches training, stress resistance. Experienced and respected speaker. Specialized in conducting workshops for management boards. Leading author projects implementing values in companies. Owner of traning and consulting company OTWARTE PRZESTRZENIE. Senior Trainer and partner of Grupa Doradcza Values. Lecturer at Academy of Leadership Psychology at Warsaw University of Technology Business School and Values. Member od ThinkTank’s council of experts.

Coach with long-standing experience and practical knowledge of business, corporate and management realities. Leading trainings, workshops, lectures and conferences. Management boards, managers and employees of polish and international companies are among his clients.

Specialized in trainings and comprehensive projects connected with management, communication, change introduction and preparing for a change, cooperation within a team, building relationship with customer, art of public speaking, self-energy management and stress management.
In his work, he is based on achieving high effectivity by goal and results orientation, maintaining at the same time personal cohesion as well as consistency with values and goals of organisation. He is combining sense of humour with deep work and inspiration with practice.

He is working as a psychology expert for Polish TV stations TVP and TVN, radio stations Polskie Radio „Trójka”, Radio PIN, Radio Bis and newspapers and magazines such as Dziennik, Manager Magazine, ThinkTank Magazine and Malemen.

Co-author of books:

  • “Wskazówki na drugi oddech”, Jacek Santorski & Co – author’s chapter of Tomasz Jamroziak on mindfulness and stress management.
  • “Instrukcja obsługi człowieka”, Grażyna Doroń – edited interview from the radio programme including several interviews with Tomasz Jamroziak.