Erickson Coaching

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Albert Einstein

Banana seller

“In 1999 I went to India for the first time. I’ve spent there three months, during two of which I was living in Puna, where I was taking, almost every day, the same path to attend my classes. Likewise, almost every day I was buying bananas from the same seller. These were small, yellow-green bananas with a very interesting, sweet flavor. The seller used to bring them on a special wooden waggon, made to be pulled by man. Bananas were stored in the waggon in bunches, 15 to 20 pieces each. Neither the seller spoke English, nor did I speak Marathi – we were using gestures and simple words. When I was coming by, I used to point out bananas and he was saying: “12 bananas – 10 rupees”. Then he was taking a bunch, cutting off the a few bananas and handling me 12 pieces. And me, I wanted the whole bunch. I was then explaining, asking and proposing to pay for 24 pieces. For two month I always heard: “12 bananas – 10 rupees”. For years I was recounting what a stiff idea the seller had. After all he could have earned more by selling me the whole bunch! And only five or six years later I understood who really had had a stiff idea. To hear almost every day, for two months, “12 bananas – 10 rupees” and not understand it!”

Erickson Coaching

  • Individual regular face-to-face meetings.
  • Extremely effective way to reach goals, exceed one’s limits, move beyond stiff concepts.
  • Individualized approach taking into account personality, communication system and motivation, values and goals.
  • Regular meetings strenghtening change.
  • „Working” on what’s really essential and important for introducing change.
  • Process of strengthening inner resources of creativity.
  • Based on strengths and resources.
  • Continuous focus on future and solution.
  • Elaborating plans of specific actions leading to achieving goal.

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